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Community Media and You

At Community Media our focus is on you. Working hard every day, we strive to exceed your expectations. From the hands-on approach we take with your community newsletter, to the unique monthly giveaways we include in each issue, our focus is on providing the best possible publication for your community.

How we help with your Newsletter

Creating your community newsletter is easier today than its ever have been before. Gone are the days of the newsletter editor spending their time, hounding contributors and searching for articles to fill the newsletters pages. The community editor no longer needs to spend time working on layout and typesetting. With Community Media the high demands on the editor have just been reduced.

We believe the editor should manage the newsletter content and direction of the publication, not slave over layout and publishing details. Community Media takes on the duties of layout, provides extra informative content when needed, and finally delivers the finished newsletter when promised. To further reduce the editor’s work load, our automated system sends out emails to contributors reminding them of upcoming deadlines. Now your community editor can spend their time collecting the articles, not working on layout and design.

The objective of the newsletters we publish is to make sure they reflect the quality of your community, encourage readership and community involvement, and not require a large time commitment from your editor and it contributors. From the first meeting with our design department we make sure that your newsletter is unique to you.

What you can expect from Community Media

     - Innovative ideas
     - Top-notch service
     - High quality products
     - On time delivery
     - Attentive staff

Our company is community focused, let us focus on your community. We can help take the load off your editor. Email or call today (941) 375-3699 and lets discuss how we can work with you to produce your next community newsletter.

Click here to see a sample newsletter or email us your name, address and phone number and we will send a sample in the mail.